Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Red Wizard Shot the Food! Best Bitter

My Best Bitter is done!  Now to move it to the Keg!

Brew Name:Red Wizard Shot the FoodSRM:12.3
Brew Style:Best BitterCatagory:11B
Last Update:7/1/2017 at 9:16:02Target Temp:67.0º F
Phase:On-TapAttn Range:73-77

1.043 SG1.012 SG4.472.1%4.07

Low to moderate malt aroma, often (but not always) with a low to medium-low caramel quality. Bready, biscuit, or lightly toasty malt complexity is common. Mild to moderate fruitiness. Hop aroma can range from moderate to none, typically with a floral, earthy, resiny, and/or fruity character. Generally no diacetyl, although very low levels are allowed.
Pale amber to medium copper color. Good to brilliant clarity. Low to moderate white to off-white head. May have very little head due to low carbonation.
Medium to moderately high bitterness. Moderately low to moderately high fruity esters. Moderate to low hop flavor, typically with an earthy, resiny, fruity, and/or floral character. Low to medium maltiness with a dry finish. The malt profile is typically bready, biscuity, or lightly toasty. Low to moderate caramel or toffee flavors are optional. Balance is often decidedly bitter, although the bitterness should not completely overpower the malt flavor, esters and hop flavor. Generally no diacetyl, although very low levels are allowed.
Medium-light to medium body. Low carbonation, although bottled examples can have moderate carbonation.
Overall Impressions:
A flavorful, yet refreshing, session beer. Some examples can be more malt balanced, but this should not override the overall bitter impression. Drinkability is a critical component of the style.
Commercial Examples
Adnams SSB, Coniston Bluebird Bitter, Fuller's London Pride, Harvey’s Sussex Best Bitter, Shepherd Neame Master Brew Kentish Ale, Timothy Taylor Landlord, Young’s Special
Style Comparison
More alcohol than an ordinary bitter, and often using higher-quality ingredients. Less alcohol than a strong bitter. More caramel or base malt character and color than a British Golden Ale. Emphasis is on the bittering hop addition as opposed to the aggressive middle and late hopping seen in American ales.
By The Numbers of this Style:Best Bitter
Style Cat.Low-HighThis Beer

Been awhile since I had done a 90 min mash and 90 min boil so my brewday was much longer than expected. Overall things went well and hit my numbers dead-on! Windsor yeast was FAST-FAST-FAST and done fermenting in 2 days! Not violent so no blow-off tube needed.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Adventus Vytas Tasting

Aroma- Bready/grainy with clove and plums
Appearance- Tan color with not as much head as I would of liked
 Flavor- slightly malty, touch of banana/clove/plum Easy drinker..... I like it!

By The Numbers of this Style:
Style Cat.Low-HighThis Beer

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Adventus Vytas

I just brewed this Weizenbock this past Friday, excited to try it. It should finish on the lower spectrum for alchol but hey, -it's beer. See the stats here: Named after my newest son Vytas....

Monday, June 20, 2016

Update- "A Boy Named Pseudo-Sue" was brewed!

This past Friday night I brewed this beer.  Hit all my numbers but I can make improvements!

1. Rebuild my controller box to run two 110V heat sticks.
     a. add switch for pump
2. Drill holes to mount elements in 10Gal kettle.

What worked well.

1. the hot water pump
2. the false bottom on the 10Gal mash tun
3. the volume marked kettle

Overall, I am quite happy how the brew day went, minus one of the two didn't work.  I am amazed at how well the plate chiller worked and how I ever brewed without out.  Don't get me wrong, no-chill served me well for many years but the plate chiller removed the needed steps the following day!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Boy Named Pseudo-Sue (American Pale Ale)

It has been a long time, mostly because I've been slowly changing my brew rig.  The last pieces are set to arrive today-ish and I hope to brew in the next week.

The Recipe is based of of the beer PseudoSue from Toppling Goliath Brewing:

This is what I came up with:

10lb Pale
1  lb Flaked Barley
1  lb Honey Malt
4oz Citra @ 10min
2oz Citra @ 5min
Northwest Ale Yeast
4oz Citra Dry hop

Medium body profile
ABV: ~5.6%
IBUs: ~76
Color: 6.2 SRM

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

El Gaupo (the handsome one) Bavarian Hefeweizen

El Gaupo (the handsome one) Bavarian Hefeweizen

So I got a chance to brew last night to prep for our halloween party.....  Easy night- easy beer (total time- 4:00hr)

5.5lb Wheat malt
3.5lb Pale malt
0.5lb Biscuit malt

1oz Sazz Hops 

Mashed at 154 F

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Petite Saison or Mother's Little Helper


I have a tried and true beer that is always a hit with people and I make slight modifications of this beer every time e.g. all Citra hops or all Amarilo hops, even all Falconers Flight hops. The problem is that at 7% ABV one could not have quite a few.  In an attempt to change that, I have tweaked the recipe to be 4.0%.   Tasting notes to follow.

6lb Pale Malt
1.5lb Flaked Corn
3.2oz white wheat

Sterling hops at:  .25oz at 20 min
                            1oz at 5 min
                            1oz at 0 min

Belle Saison Yeast

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We Don't Want the Irish Stout

We Don't Want the Irish Stout

Funny name for an easy drinking non-heavy Irish Stout that is not only easy to make but is great for black and tans.

Here is the recipe:

4.75lb Pale Malt
2lb Barley, Flaked
1lb Black Barley

2oz Goldings and a good Irish Yeast

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Outer Limits Pale Ale

 So it really seemed to be a hit..... Beer reviewed by the Journal club here (4.47 out of 5): My Review:

Aroma: strong fruity/citrus hop aroma, fruity esters- really enjoy the mix of Citra and Amarillo hops.
Appearance: light amber, good head retention, clear.
Flavor: Moderate hop flavor that is smooth with little bite. American hops, citrusy.
Mouthfeel: light body with good carbonation. Overall smooth finish.
Overall Impression: A pale, refreshing and hoppy ale

  Would I brew again? YES!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Time for a post..........

So here I am........ It was early september and I realized outside of two beers that need aging (Belgium Dubbel- "Double Cross" and a Belgium Quad- "St. Dainius") I had no beers for our annual Halloween Party. I switched into high gear and brewed 3 beers in two days. The Outer Limits -Pale ale 4.7% and 60+ IBU's (hop bursted) Tangerine Speedo -Belgium Wit 4.5% and 20 IBU's 2 Our Father -Patersbier or known as a Belgium Single/Enkel this is the second version I didn't stop there- I was worried that the beers wouldn't be ready for Halloween. So I brewed two more "quick Beers" as in the yeast is very fast. So I brewed these two more: Pumpkin Smashed -Pumpkin ale with Belgium Yeast (Hybrid of the sure fast and very dry 3711 yeast) We Don't Want the Irish -Irish Dry Stout

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Quad update

So, No picture yet but a quick sample of the Belgium Quad "St. Dainius". Wow, almost ready to rack this beer..... 1.012 and tastes fantastic! Will post more as this goes in and out of the keg.

Friday, March 21, 2014

St. Dainius (The Quad)

So here the deal- I wanted to try to make a Belgium quad (similar to Westvletern 12). I used a super easy recipe and 4 pds of candi Syrup (2 pds of Dark and 2 pds of amber). I figured if the monks made their syrup so should I- the method I used was a little DME and base (slacking Lime)added to the sugar. I did modify the method a little- I dislike the hard candy. So once I got the temp back down to 290F I SLOWLY added 1 Cup of water and transferred the candi syrup to two preheated mason jars. The amber came out very fruity- I got lots of cherry, plum, flowery, stone fruits. The Dark about 75 SRM- gave lots of toasted marshmallow, coffee and some chocolate. Tasting the wort (1.089 SG)was amazing!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Dubble Cross

I do enjoy Belgium doubbels but sometimes it is hard to find good examples. Rewind a few years ago while celebrating Valentines Day in Historic Savannah GA with my wife- we found a great craft bar with good food that had a couple of dubbels on tap. Both were US made, I would rather not say which breweries, and both were *in my opinion* poor examples. Both were thin and one had way too many spice additions, when I think of a dubbel- Chimay, Westmale, Ommegang, etc. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. After much research and several tries at making my own Dark Candy sugar- I think I found the closest way, thanks My hope to to try and make several Dubbels using various methods: Up first- Doubble Cross, no candy sugar was harmed in this beer. Pils, pale, caramunich and special B malts only. I hope to check it tonight and move it to secondary. The Yeasties will then munch on some Belgium Enkel (single) till my next whack at the dubbel. My hope is to develope a recipe that is simple(Pils/Pale and candy sugar) and good. Uncarbed tasting notes: Aroma- Light honey, flowery, hints of alcohol and plums App- dark golden color Flavor- SMOOTH, fruity with very little hop bite (uncarbed beer), hint of alcohol, slight earthy. Mouthfeel- Gonna wait till I carb this up. 1.060-1.004 in two weeks! 7.1%

Thursday, February 6, 2014


A few years back I ran across a bottle of Sky High Rye, from Arcadia Ales. The addition of Rye made the beer outstanding, so here was my take on it. I brewed this for my dad's best friend "Jack". Although they didn't like it- I really liked it and so did my homebrew club. I used 2pds of rye malt in 5gal batch.